Advantages of flexi tanks


Supply of cost effective and specialized solutions for your transport of:

  • non-hazardous liquids in flexi tanks
  • dry bulk commodities in container liners
  • intervention during calamities
  • loading and discharging assistance

Why Liquid Solutions

  • a personalized service
  • a professional and experienced team
  • tailor made solutions to meet customers requirements
  • we do handle with Care and Environmentally friendly


Treat your goods with due diligence, your flexi tanks are stored neatly in dedicated racks. The installation takes place under the right circumstances - sheltered from rain, wind, rubble, etc. - in our dedicated, well equipped station.



We employ only skilled, experienced staff. Your tanks and cargo are handled and prepared with the utmost care.

Environmentally conscious

Environmentally conscious

Used flexi tanks are stored in a waterproof container and transported to a recycling plant.



Your reliable partner

Flexi Tanks and Container Liners

On demand we can supply flexi tanks and container liners from different producers which we have selected based upon their guaranteed quality products and quality systems.

Advantages of flexi tanks

  • higher transportable bulk liquid volume compared to drums and / or IBC’s
  • always new flexi tanks, no contamination risk, no cleaning costs
  • entirely recyclable
  • easy and swift installation
  • minimal or no residue left
  • not dependent on availability of iso tank containers
  • low cost in comparison to drums or iso tank containers

Advantages of container liners

  • higher transportable volume compared to bags, big-bags, or other packing devices
  • inlets available for 20ft, 30ft or 40ft containers
  • always new and entirely recyclable
  • easy and swift installation
  • tailor made products according to your requirements or specifications


Liquid solutions stacker Checking flexitank



Rapid first aid

Liquid Solutions can offer a fast and smooth service whenever you may encounter an unforeseen calamity.


Despite all precautions taken, things may go wrong with your shipment. Liquid Solutions is in standby with fast and professional first aid in order to secure and safeguard your precious cargo.


Liquid Solutions can help in ascertaining the nature of the problem, define and propose a solution, hence carry out the necessary aid to safe your goods.


Liquid Solutions has all the proper equipment available to perform.

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Pleased to meet you

Our Services

Inspection of Containers

Liquid Solutions can do a rigorous inspection of containers proposed to carry any flexi tank shipment. We will select these containers without compromise.

Installation of flexi tanks and container liners

Our experienced and skilled team knows how to install different types of flexi tank systems and container liners from various producers. We do so according to their and our specifications, using their or our own accessories and specifications.

Liquid Solutions has developed its own bulk head system which can guarantee a safe passage of the flexi tank combination during its transport leg.

Load – and discharge assistance

On demand Liquid Solutions helps your technical staff during the a.m. manipulation of a flexi tank.We can do the work alongside your team or give training and guidance if required.

Our highly motivated and skilled staff is at your service.